LEGOLAND Windsor with young kids

Legoland is so much fun! My 2 sons are the ONLY reason I have shown an interest in Lego, so it was great to be able to enjoy the experience with them.  The Miniland is amazing.  Its worth going just to see that.

We went with my 2 siblings and their children – both have already been back since because they loved it so much.  I frequently have to stop myself from booking to go again!

Here are some tips from our first trip to Legoland:

2 days over 1
With tired legs, regular food and nappy or toilet stops, lots to see and do as well as high levels of excitement, we were so happy we booked 2 days. With young children I would say it’s impossible to get around the whole park in 1 day. There is an amazing water area and if it’s hot you will spend a good amount of time there. Unfortunately, there were rides we still did not get onto either because the queues were too long or they were shut or the boys were too little – surely a good reason for us to go back?

Use a deal
Always look out for a deals on the Legoland website.   Before my eldest son started school, we booked the ‘1 Day + 1 Day FREE + Kids Go FREE’ on a Friday to Saturday. We stayed overnight in the Holiday Inn Heathrow T5 (close to, not in T5).  The price of the package was £179 for two adults, one child and one infant and included entry into the park both days, 1 night in the hotel and breakfast. We also spent £12 on parking in the park and at the hotel.

Holiday Inn Heathrow T5
For a night, this hotel was ideal as they are very used to Legoland families – from warming up milk to chatting to the kids to having a little Lego gift ready on arrival.   The idea of being packed into one hotel room with no floor space (due to 4 beds) is one I like to avoid but with 2 very tired little people and the excitement of the next day, it worked well for 1 night.

Peak time really is peak
On week days during term time the park is a dream. There were hardly any queues and it didn’t feel too busy at all. However, be prepared for the after-school influx. I did not realise it was a thing to take kids there after school but we spoke to a few locals who said with a yearly Merlin pass the few hours really is worth it. The Saturday was so much busier. We got to the park when it opened and we were immediately met with a queue – and some are quite long too – an average of an hour on the most popular rides I would say.  You also have to take into account the fact people have priority passes and will get on before you.

Supermarket sweep
We took our own snacks and bought Tesco meal deals for both days. My sister went one better and made her own sandwiches – love money saving on a day out! This meant food could be available on demand for the hungry little ones and we (pretty much) only needed money for ice creams. Like most places the picnic areas get very busy so we were sat down by midday.

And not forgetting the best part…our favourite rides!
I loved the fact there were so many rides the boys could go on – even at 2.  Obviously when they are older they will be able to go on so much more.

Here is a list of our favourite rides.  I will try to write it from the kid’s perspective, not mine! A full list can be found on the Legoland website.

  • Sky Rider
  • Fairy Tale Brook
  • Coastguard HQ
  • Atlantis Submarine Voyage
  • Balloon School

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