Alexander House Hotel & Spa, West Sussex

We had our first night away together without our boys in 4 years this weekend as a birthday surprise for my fiancé. Alexander House Hotel & Spa gave us a perfect 20 hours to refresh and relax as a couple.

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Here are six things you need to know:

  1. 5-star luxury breaks are not cheap when you have a young family so check out the hotels promotions page to see if anything suits what you are looking for.
  2. I booked the Renew & Refresh package which gave us access to the spa from 3pm on Saturday to 1pm on Sunday. We found this timing was perfect for not leaving the boys (and grandparents!) for too long.
  3. All the staff were so nice and this was a major plus for us. From the porter who greeted us to the people on reception to the waiters and waitresses to the beauty therapists. They are all very aware that staying at the hotel is a treat for most of us so we deserve to feel special.
  4. I had a 40-minute facial and a 40-minute neck, shoulder and head massage – both included in the package. These were utterly divine and I can highly recommend them. I would say if you are able to indulge a bit more, book the longer treatments to truly indulge in the bliss of relaxation.
  5. There is a good amount of clean and quiet areas to sit and relax in if you don’t want to be getting pampered.  I finished my book with a glass of prosecco that was delivered to where I was sitting – extra spoilt!
  6. Consider your dining options more than I did. There are 2 restaurants and I chose the less formal and expensive one.   The food was nice, but having looked at the menu for the more formal restaurant afterwards, the price wasn’t that much different and we did like the look of the options more. They also had a tasting menu which can be nice as a treat.




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