What’s happening at Bluewater in Kent this Christmas?

Bluewater entrance

Enjoy our new guest post on what Bluewater in Kent has to offer this Christmas.

It’s that magical time of the year. Oxford Street begins to look like a fire hazard, mince pies and mulled wine form part of our main diet and Mariah Carey continues to get rich from that Christmas song.

To bask in the festive glory, we went to Bluewater in Kent over the weekend for some family fun. In between the shopping, there was lots to do for all budgets.

For the bigger budgets

If you have cash to spend, here are your options:

  • Ice skating – Have a ball and dance on ice. It’s £11 for kids under 12 years and £13.50 for all other ages.
  • Santa’s grotto – Santa’s accommodation gets an impressive upgrade and looks more like a premium chalet than a grotto. Whilst prices depend on the day, it’s roughly £12.50 for children and accompanying adults go free. Get your fingers on the online buzzers quick though as it gets booked up fast.
  • Selfie factory – This is pure pleasure for the kings and queens of selfies. It has different interactive backgrounds to take selfies with. It’s £9.99 for 1 hour to strut your stuff in their various rooms but it’s only in Bluewater until 22 December.
  • Gravity – Bouncing has never been so fun with wall to wall trampolines. It’s £11.48 if you book in advance.
  • Dinotropolis – This is an adventure soft play into the world of dinosaurs. Roam as a ranger for £12 – £20 for children (depending on which pass you go for) whilst accompanying adults can explore for £5.
  • Adventure golf – If you are adventurous enough to brave the cold outside, then enjoy the thrill and chill of golfing at the pirate cove. It’s £3.50 – £7.95 for children up to 11 years, and £9.95 for all other ages.
  • Places to eat – To re-energise and refuel, there are lots of family friendly sit-down restaurants such as Carluccio’s, Pizza Express, Bella Italia, Café Rouge and TGI Fridays.

For the shopper savers

If you have medium budgets and are not looking to spend too much, then this section is for you.

  • Bungee trampoline – Kids can jump safely with a harness to new heights. It’s £5 for 5 mins for ages 2-12 years.
  • Sega games arcade – From video games, driving simulators to sports games of air hockey and basketball hoops, you can enjoy the games arcade for £1-2 per token.
  • The Giving Tree – This a great cause if you want to help less fortunate children. It supports charities such as the NSPCC, Teens fighting Cancer, The Salvation Army and local food banks. By picking a star from the Giving Tree, it tells you the name and age of a child. You can then buy a gift of your choice for that child so that they get to have a Christmas too.
  • Places to eat – For mid-priced options, there is Nando’s, Ed’s easy diner and Pizza Hut.

For the freebie fans

If you’re not looking to spend money on activities, there are some free options too:

  • Scalextric – Race cars for free on the mini electric car racing track.
  • Photo opportunities – Strike a pose on the Lindt Christmas Sleigh or with characters such as Elsa who’s made her comeback with Frozen 2.
  • Outdoor playgrounds – If you need to release some steam, then there’s also outdoor playgrounds for kids.
  • Places to eat – For the cheaper places, there’s the usual fast food options or if you prefer just grab yourself a quick sandwich or pretzel from a food stall. You can also opt to carry your own packed lunches or snacks and eat them in the food court or seating areas across the mall.

From the myriad of options available, however and whichever way you decide to spend your festive season, enjoy it your way. Happy holidays!


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